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Markmaze search results are identical to those used by the examiners of the Russian IP Office.

  • We created a search algorithm based on real trademark registration refusals and court cases involving trademark infringement.
  • Our search finds not only identical, but also similar trademarks. If you don’t find similar brands in Google, it doesn’t mean that you are safe. The most common problems occur with similar trademarks.
  • We automatically transcribe your brand name from Latin to Cyrillic alphabet and back.

For everyone, you name it:

You are an entrepreneur or you work in business

You are serious about your future and dream that your children will inherit your business someday. You are one of those responsible people who put money aside for investing, have all types of insurance, and live with a plan. Your friends and acquaintances call you trustworthy and you value this quality in others.

You are a trademark attorney

You need a reliable service, because your professional reputation is everything to you. But you prefer not to spend a lot of time on routine work, if you can help it.

You do know your craft, but you want to do your job faster and focus on really interesting and challenging tasks rather than spending hours on paperwork, tables, and charts.

You are a naming professional or a graphic designer

Sometimes it feels like Google search should be enough and you don’t have money for some fancy service anyway. But if you want to make a lot more money than your competition, a few real trademarks in portfolio can help you with that. Also, don’t forget about your own responsibility to your clients, when you transfer your copyright under a contract.

You are a brand manager

You work for a company or an advertising/marketing agency. You are responsible for creating new names, taglines and slogans for products or services. You love brands and everything about them. We can make your day-to-day work more efficient and help you present yourself as a more skilled professional.

The service is excellent!

First of all, thank you so much for your work. The service is excellent! Everything is intuitive and neat.
I have one wish, though. I would like to have an opportunity to enter another name in the search results page; to search for a new name with the same options.
Once again, many thanks for the service! Its was a pain to work with the Russian PTO’s web-site before. You made an invaluable contribution to my inner peace.

Oleg Ahn Content producer, Agency “Plenum”

Awesome service

You have a very useful service with intuitive interface. I found it in 2015 and still use it all the time. Definitely continue to work with it going forward.

Sergey Shiryaev Entrepreneur

Best structure on the market

Your databases have the best structure on the market. The service gives search results separately for registered trademarks, applications and international registrations. It is very convenient. I also liked the format of the search report.

Yulia Kravtsova Trademark attorney

Very easy to use

I tried searching with your service several times, and I really liked it. It is very easy to use, and really intuitive.

Elizaveta Somova Trademark attorney assistant

It’s good for a quick check

I like it. It’s good for a quick check, when I need to do a naming service for a client.

Elena Ilyushina Naming specialist


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